Trade Show Games & Booth Activities to Engage Attendees

    Trade Show Games & Booth Activities to Engage Attendees

    In order to stand out at your next trade show event, don’t neglect the power of games and activities. Whether a simple raffle or a more complex smart phone treasure hunt, these fun diversions change the way attendees see and remember your brand presence.

    Create Mystery

    Mysteries can ignite people’s interest. Rather than sticking to typical prize wheels and drawings, consider evolving your game to encompass the whole of the trade show event. One great example of this is the scavenger hunt. Individuals or groups work through a series of clues that take them throughout the exhibition floor, snapping and sharing photos of their finds. Those that successfully complete the task earn a reward. Tweak the hunt for time and space, or even integrate it with smart phones.

    Scavenger hunts are not only active and fun ways to engage with your brand, but participating attendees also advertise for you while they play. It is a highly visible contest that you can integrate with your sales pitch via the clues.

    Pre-Show Games and Puzzles

    Contest teasing is a great way to qualify prospects weeks prior to a trade show. Send out game pieces via social media or mailing lists beforehand, enticing people into your booth. Symbol matching games are one way to draw in leads. For further exposure, add prize symbols to your business cards or make them to fit trade show lanyards. Attendees can then present their symbols at your booth to see if they match for a prize.

    Consider other pre-show games such as Instagram and Twitter. Ask users and potential prospects to tweet or post photos that directly relate to your product or brand. Winners can then pick up their prizes at the trade show, and their posts can be used to enhance your booth display.

    Flash Games

    Not all activities require significant planning or time investments. Catch attendee’s attention with fast games that burst with energy but only require a minute or two of time. Think easy-to-explain challenges such as stacking or balancing objects. These can be timed in 30 second or one minute increments to increase the difficulty level and generate more excitement. Announce the games ahead of time and turn it into a show.

    Hire Pros

    If you or your staff are not up to the task of playing bubbly game show host, consider hiring a few booth models or actors for an important trade show. Sometimes it takes a seasoned pro with plenty of energy to get attendees participating. That leaves you and your staff with the time and energy to focus on pitching your products.

    Send professional hosts wandering through the event to spread the word of an impending raffle drawing or contest. Costuming also enhances their visibility and plays to your brand’s message. If you prefer a stealthy approach, send out a “secret agent” to deliver coded messages that attendees can later redeem for prizes at your booth.

    Everyone is a Winner

    Remember that the purpose of games and activities is to leave a positive impression of your business. Providing everyone with some sort of prize is one way to keep people interested and satisfied. Rather than handing out freebies to any person who visits your booth, use your swag as a consolation prize for those who don’t win games. A smaller number of higher value prizes can then be handed out for select winners or raffles.

    Combined with successful planning and memorable design, trade show activities can make a big difference in your company’s brand awareness. To learn more about planning a successful event, contact Structure Exhibits at 888.633.4162

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