How to Properly Utilize Space When Planning a Trade Show

    Designing the layout of your custom exhibit space takes careful planning. It’s not inexpensive, and you’re often dealing with cramped areas. Your booth neighbors might be right up against you, several thousands of people will be passing by each day, and all the while, you’ve got to find a way to get them to notice you amongst the sea of other businesses. Much of this comes down to properly utilizing your space. Here are a few helpful tips to remember.

    5 Ways to Properly Utilize Space at a Trade Show

    1. Think Up, Not Out

    When you enter a trade show, which booths immediately stick out the most? The ones who literally rise above the crowd. While you might not be able to cover much surface area, explore options for building your booth up. There’s a good deal of empty space above your head — use it.

    2. Rent the Right Spots

    This will obviously depend on your trade show budget, but if you’re able to, consider renting two spaces across a major aisle from each other. That way your staff can approach twice as many people, and nobody will slip by. Also, consider where your real estate is relative to the entire trade show. Are you near the very end? Is it a busy end, or an end people might possibly not even bother with? Where are the most well-known brands setting up shop? They’ll likely get a ton of foot traffic — you might want to be close to them.

    Consider renting two spaces across a major aisle from each other. That way your staff can approach twice as many people, and nobody will slip by.

    3. Utilize Technology to Stand Out

    Many brands will be busy passing out brochures and free goodies to try to attract visitors. Let’s take it one step further. Free swag is great, but if you really want to gather a crowd, unique and eye-catching technology should be on your trade show checklist. One suggestion? LED video walls. Structure Exhibits can customize a branded video wall that will show off your business in the best light and intrigue passersby.

    4. Keep Your Branding Consistent Across the Board

    Fonts, colors, logos, your trade show staffs’ uniforms — everything should be easily recognizable as your brand. You should consider this when you purchase every piece of equipment and signage that will take up space in your trade show area. If it doesn’t contribute to the space or match everything else, it might not be the best investment and use of your booth.

    5. Keep it Comfortable

    You don’t need us to tell you trade shows take a toll on the body. Standing and walking for hours on end does a real number on your feet (and legs and back and neck). Make your booth a place where you can not only educate attendees on your business but also a place where they can rest and recharge for a few moments. Comfortable seating and refreshments are a great way to utilize part of your space and truly go a long way.

    Need help planning for your display booth rental? Contact Structure Exhibits at 888.633.4162.

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