A Sign of the Times Square

    A Sign of the Times Square

    There’s no place quite like Times Square, New York, NY. It’s an iconic American location. A host to many iconic events, photos and images. Imagine for a moment Times Square in the 1990s (if you’re not as old as me you can review some photos here: Times Square in Photos from 1989 to 2015 | Viewing NYC). Now, for contrast, envision Times Square today as you take in the 360 view what dominates the landscape? Now think what is different in the old and new?

    The single largest shift in sign marketing or billboard marketing is from static print graphics to video walls or more accurately described LED tiles. The transformation for anyone who’s been walking show floors the last 15 years is undeniable. It’s an intimidating leap to go from traditional static graphics to LED tiles – but the benefits are unquestionable. The same pattern is repeated in stadiums and on highways.

    Large monitors at trade shows are great to demo products and services, and possibly usable in portrait orientation for signage. But a video wall can morph into limitless sizes, shapes (even curves) and angles. LED tiles are continuously pushing the limits of possibility. You have the license to create something new, and design truly unique content.

    Like the battle for image dominance in Times Square, a show floor presents the opportunity to command attention and there is no greater weapon than a LED tile video wall. 

    The evolution of LED tiles has resulted in expanded possibilities in terms of curve and configuration. Also improved from pixel pitch (distance between pixels) of 3.9 mm on an average LED tile to 2.8 mm. In short the quality of image is improving constantly. 

    Here are 3 simple but critical tips from John Boyko, Structure President and owner, on designing content specifically for video walls:

    1. Keep it quick, clean and precise.
    2. Always accompanied with music, not voice. 
    3. Pause between loops.

    Affordability is the #1 thing preventing first time LED tile users. It may be surprising that an LED wall can sometimes be more economical and effective. 65% of all Structure rental clients have used LED tiles. The battle in Time Square for advertising prowess is now dominated by video walls, and the battle at the next trade show for attendee attention will likely be won by exhibitors using this game changing marketing technology. Don’t be afraid to get with the Times!

    Structure has LED tile rental, LED wall design capabilities as well as expert installation. Contact us anytime, we’re always available and ready to help!

    A word (or two) from A.I.

    The use of LED video walls on tradeshows is important for several reasons, as they offer significant advantages over traditional display methods. Here are some key reasons why LED video walls are crucial in the context of tradeshows:

    1. Attention-Grabbing Visual Impact: LED video walls provide a stunning visual experience that attracts attention and stands out in a crowded tradeshow environment. The bright, vibrant, and high-resolution displays create a captivating spectacle, making it easier for exhibitors to draw the attention of attendees. The dynamic nature of LED video walls allows for eye-catching animations, videos, and graphics, enhancing the overall visual impact.
    2. Versatility and Flexibility: LED video walls offer great versatility in terms of size, shape, and configuration. They can be customized to fit various booth sizes, whether it’s a small corner or a large exhibition space. LED panels can be seamlessly tiled and combined to create larger displays or unique shapes to suit the exhibitor’s needs. This flexibility allows exhibitors to create visually appealing and immersive environments that align with their branding and messaging.
    3. Information and Communication: Tradeshows are an opportunity for businesses to showcase their products, services, and brand message. LED video walls enable exhibitors to effectively communicate their key messages through dynamic and engaging content. Whether it’s product demonstrations, informational videos, testimonials, or real-time social media feeds, LED video walls provide a platform to deliver information in a visually compelling manner, capturing the attention and interest of attendees.
    4. Increased Interactivity: LED video walls can incorporate interactive elements, such as touch screens or motion sensors, to engage attendees in a more participatory manner. This interactivity encourages visitors to interact with the display, explore products or services, and deepen their understanding of the exhibitor’s offerings. Interactive LED video walls enable a more immersive and memorable experience, fostering greater attendee engagement and increasing the likelihood of meaningful connections.
    5. Branding and Differentiation: Tradeshows are competitive environments where numerous companies vie for attention. LED video walls offer a powerful tool for branding and differentiation. Exhibitors can showcase their brand identity, logo, slogans, and product imagery in a visually striking and memorable way. The ability to create unique and captivating displays with LED video walls helps companies stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on attendees.
    6. Cost-Effective and Environmentally Friendly: LED technology has made significant advancements, becoming more energy-efficient and cost-effective over time. LED video walls consume less energy compared to traditional display methods, reducing operational costs and environmental impact. Additionally, LED panels have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance, making them a cost-effective and sustainable investment for tradeshows.

    In summary, LED video walls play a crucial role in tradeshows by capturing attention, delivering engaging content, fostering interactivity, enhancing branding, and providing a visually impressive experience. Their versatility, flexibility, and technological advancements make them an essential tool for exhibitors seeking to create impactful and memorable displays in a competitive tradeshow environment.

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