How Influencers Can Boost Your Custom Exhibit

    How Influencers Can Boost Your Custom Exhibit

    Trade shows are an excellent way to build brand awareness and gain new leads. There are so many ways to invite passersby into your trade show booth rental.

    It starts with a well-designed booth, continues with a little swag, and advances to entirely new levels with a brand influencer by your side. Let’s talk the how and why of influencers at your next trade show.

    Why Brand Influencers?

    Well, don’t we all follow an influencer or two on our own? Usually, we find them active on Instagram and Twitter, but their power continues far beyond those virtual borders. Influencers have a major impact on what we buy.

    How many times have we looked at a gorgeous spread on Instagram and then proceeded straight to a product page, entered in our PayPal information, and made a purchase? Things practically pour into shopping carts, thanks to the power of a brand influencer’s recommendation.

    Can They Benefit Your Next Trade Show?

    So, can an influencer benefit your next trade show? Absolutely. A brand influencer can get a crowd to your next trade show booth in ways even the best marketing campaign can’t. Consumers all across the globe look to influencers for product information, so why not event information?

    And, even if your next influencer isn’t someone like The Rock, perhaps it’s someone with over 100k followers on Instagram. That’s a hundred thousand people that would be delighted to meet the person behind the screen they follow for daily inspiration and recommendations. And, even if it happens that the influencer can’t make it to the big day, they can still draw you a crowd from afar.

    What Does Your Influencer Need to Know?

    First, send your new business partner some of your products. Let them enjoy them and create an authentic post, touting the many benefits of your product line.

    Then, send them some graphics of your trade show display. Make sure the image quality is superb (as they’ll have a certain level of quality they post to their feed). With snaps of your trade show booth, people will know what to look for when they arrive on the scene.

    Finally, were you lucky enough to book them for the big event? As such, you’ll have to arrange to fly them out and host them in one of the city’s finest hotels while they’re in town. From there, the sky’s the limit. The crowds will pour in and you’ll toast your influencer come evening light.

    Create the Trade Show Booth of Your Dreams

    What’s it all for if your powerful influencer is standing in a makeshift trade show booth? Now’s the time to design something sleek, modern, and technologically advanced.

    Here at Structure, your options abound. We can walk you through the pros and cons of buying vs. renting your next exhibit. Even if you chose a little popup display, or what we like to call a quick turn, it would still be worthy of even the most powerful influencer.

    Of course, you’d shimmer in shine in a modular or custom build, too. This is one of our favorite custom builds. We’re talking two stories, a winding staircase, ample seating, and bright splashes of color.

    No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered, from furniture and accessories to high-end digital displays. Call us today at 888-633-4162 so we can help you spend your next trade show amidst swarms of adoring fans.


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