Exhibits & Displays

We create exhibits solution designed to help you go out and connect with your audience.
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Meetings & Events

Our holistic approach means that when you partner with us, you are getting our undivided attention, our commitment and a level of service that is unmatched.
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Virtual and Digital Event Productions

Welcome to 2021, finally.  The world of experiential marketing is shifting as the way we interact with each other and with products changes. Virtual experiences are taking center stage. Structure has the technology, knowledge and facilities to create impactful virtual content that brings your brand to customers across platforms. 


Rendered Environments

Interactive virtual environments can be just as impactful as live events. Structure combines cutting edge technology and software with creative design and fabrication to create rendered experiences that resonate with customers. Our virtual booths and exhibits always provide seamless user experience so you can amplify your brand online. 


3-D Virtual Tour Design

Using specialized cameras and technology, Structure creates seamless virtual tours that put users inside the experience. Whether for real estate, office, educational or promotional projects, we create immersive and interactive virtual experiences that connect users with your brand. 


Digital Content

Digital content opens up whole new avenues for experiential marketing. 3-D product renderings and volumetric capture allow for customers to interact with every part of the product from every angle. As sales pivot in the world of COVID-19, digital content becomes an essential avenue for communicating your message to customers. Structure has the technology and experience to bring your brand and products into the digital world.

Structure Virtual Stage


Our production crew has all the tools to stream your live event, either from our studio spaces in Las Vegas or on location. Whether it’s a keynote speech or a product release, a concert or press event, we handle all your set-building, filming, editing and broadcasting needs.


Structure offers pre-fabricated environments ready to go in our Las Vegas studio. All you have to do is show up with your team and we’ll do the rest. Fully equipped with cameras, lighting and a professional production team, our stage can be adapted to your event needs. It’s a turnkey solution optimized for quick turnaround. 


Our livestream crew is available to film on location. We coordinate all camera, lighting and broadcast details to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. After the event, we’ll edit the footage and give you all the B-roll from our multiple camera angles so you can continue to create high impact video content. 



Structure has a fully customizable studio space that can be built out for your event. Using all of our in-house design, fabrication and engineering capabilities with our huge inventory of audio-visual equipment, we create environments for your specific needs. Once the space is ready, our production crew has all the tools to film, edit and broadcast your event so you can connect with audiences all over the world.