LED Video WAll

    Engaging Environments

    Call Revu is a tech company in the car dealership industry that focuses on monitoring customer service calls. Every year, we create a specific themed environment for Call Revu to make a major impact at their show. 


    In 2022, we designed REVU a full themed experience around a 1970’s car dealership. We purchased authentic 1970’s furniture and designed light-weight SEG fabric walls with wood patterns. We CNC cut out old TV overlays, designed vintage graphics, and created a whole 70’s video to play in the background featuring the client in period clothing with classic cars. 


    In 2023 the show was in Dallas, Texas, so we created a BBQ themed environment around Susan Lovett’s (VP marketing, CALL REVU) concept.  We used large format LED tiles to tell the Revu story through BBQ. To make it more engaging, we offered giveaway items with CALLREVU Branded S’mores Kits and CALL REVU BBQ Sauce. The exhibit included a social media wall with costumes to have your picture taken. 

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