4 Traits The Best Branded Environments Have in Common

    4 Traits The Best Branded Environments Have in Common

    Whenever a big company “sets up shop” in their new office space, they’re careful about branding the space properly. You don’t want to overdo it with tacky decor. Rather, you want to dwell within subtle innuendo.

    The same goes for your booth at a trade show exhibit. You want to be well-branded but not “in your face.” So, how do you walk this fine line and still lure people in from every corner of the earth? Here are a few tips to help you get started.

    A Focal Point

    One of the chief design elements for any space is “less is more.” When you walk into a space and the brand is thrust at you from the start, it’s less than appealing.

    You never want to cram a space with clutter, even if that includes your company logo and name. Rather, choose a central focal point and make a big splash with your name and logo.

    In a trade show booth, perhaps this will be the first wall visitors see when they enter your booth. The point is, pick a focal point, make a splash, and let your staff and tech equipment do the rest. Here are some tips on how to properly utilize your space when planning a trade show.

    Quality Over Quantity

    Again, whether you’re dealing with office space or a convention center, you want to aim for quality. Don’t cut corners on rented furniture, lighting, or fanciful computer stations. People pick up on sleek modernity right away.

    One idea is to incorporate an interactive art piece. This will allow you to clear out the space while packing a big punch with all that open air. Now, you’ve used a minimum of text and design, and can still communicate that this is a highly branded environment.


    People love throwbacks. Is there some element from your company’s history that you can pull out and highlight? This evokes a sense of loyalty and humility. Share the story of how your brand – image, logo, and company name – came to be.

    People like knowing that they’re a part of something. And if you can demonstrate the evolution of your company, from its early days to your current state of sleek modernity, they’re going to appreciate your groundedness and innovation.


    If you’re looking for something truly authentic and unique, see if you can create an exhibit that transports people to another world. Is there some sort of secret insight into the company you can share with the world?

    Whether it’s through a wall of interactive art or a pair of 3-D glasses, is there some way for you to whisk potential clients to another world where they can experience your brand for themselves? If so, you’ll surely be earmarked as one of the most memorable booths in the convention center.

    Feel Free to Take Your Time

    If there’s one element you want to work through slowly, it’s your branding experience. It’s a slightly difficult task because you have to balance “saying it all” with keeping it simple.

    The beauty of technology, though, is that it clears out the clutter and opens the gateway to other worlds. Use it to your advantage. Fill your booth with technological components that tell your story and welcome visitors to become a part of something greater than themselves.

    With the right planning and execution, you can reap the benefits that come with trade shows and event marketing. To learn more about making your next trade show a success, contact Structure Exhibits at 888.633.4162.

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