Sales Pitch Advice for Your Next Trade Show

    Sales Pitch Advice for Your Next Trade Show

    Is your sales pitch feeling a little stale? Do you feel like your pitch has you going through the motions similar to a bankruptcy attorney reviewing documents with their client or a teacher going over the prepared lesson plan for the day? Instead of falling back on the lines you’ve rehearsed over and over, it might be time to mix it up. Remember, creativity and how you deliver your pitch goes a long way in the trade show industry. As part of your trade show planning checklist, try out these ideas to revamp your pitch.

    Examine What You Have Already

    When was the last time you sat down and really examined your pitch? Although you likely have an outline somewhere that you could revisit, it might be more helpful to record yourself during the next couple pitches you deliver. Figure out how much your pitch varies each time you give it. It’s important to examine how your pitch changes depending on your potential customer. Identify the biggest strengths and weaknesses in your pitch. Look at length and structure: the opening, the body and the all-important closing should be both concise and convincing.

    Keep the Focus on the Customer

    If you make an effort to really get to know your customer, you can better anticipate what they’re looking to hear, as well as any questions they might have. Remember that your customer is coming to you for solutions. It’s important to develop a rapport, but not to dominate the conversation. The value of listening to your customers’ concerns can’t be overestimated. Even though you have certain points to hit and messages you want to communicate, never lose sight of the fact that your customers’ needs are your number one priority.

    Truly Make it Your Own

    If you’re feeling like a robot when you’re delivering your pitch, your potential client is likely picking up on that vibe too. Any hint of inauthenticity could potentially cause interested parties to bolt. Even though you should tailor your pitch so your focus is on the problems of the individual client, always make sure your own voice shines through. Everything will feel a lot more natural if you infuse your pitch with a bit of your own unique personality. It’s important to remember that what works for some clients won’t necessarily work for others. As a result, you have to always be sure to gauge your audience.

    As you well know, there are no easy solutions when it comes to perfecting your pitch. It can be hard to keep things fresh, but incorporating these ideas can help you feel confident and close your next deal. In addition to these tips, having a great trade show display is sure to boost your confidence and bring more business your way. Structure exhibits can design the perfect space for you. To learn more about our trade show displays, contact us at (888) 633-4162 to discuss how we can help.

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