Top Event Tech Trends for 2018

    Top Event Tech Trends for 2018

    Technology continues to transform the trade show experience, and 2018 has already ushered in several new trends. Whether you’re seeking to draw more people into your booth, or you just want to track feedback from clients, technology offers useful solutions.

    Expect to see the following tech trends popping up at trades show booths throughout the year:


    Combining entertainment and competitiveness with marketing has always been successful. However, technology provides an upgrade from the raffles and carnival games of the past.  Currently, there are numerous apps which allow for everything from large scale trade show scavenger hunts to prize wheels. These simple, yet technology-based games, are big crowd pleasers at many conventions and trade shows; and most importantly these apps will barely make a dent in your trade show budget.

    Photo opportunities also remain popular magnets for visitors. This can also be incorporated in your marketing strategy at a later time (Instagram, anyone?). Across the country, many exhibits offer makeshift photo booths by simply using an iPad or another type of tablet which can use a free photo-booth app. This type of technology is allowing for people to have more personal experiences with trade show exhibits.

    Games and entertainment provide a way for visitors to connect with one another, as well as with your business. They also provide a welcome break from the monotony of traveling from booth to booth.

    Social Media

    Getting personal is a great way to build relationships before, during, and after a trade show. There is no better way to connect to people than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Rather than passively running a company page, consider engaging directly with prospects via these platforms. Promote your trade show booth pre-event with a hashtag contest. Vote on best product shot tagged via Instagram during your vendor presentation. Or, make the most out of Facebook group and event features by posting video, photos, and other teasers that will make your brand stand out.

    Smarter Connections

    One of the biggest challenges of exhibiting at a trade show is ensuring that you are connecting with the right visitors. Larger events can swallow up great booths, poor location can leave you lonely, and attendees can suffer from fatigue. Many of these problems can be overcome by incorporating new technology such as Beacons, which help you track and follow traffic flow, as well as engage app users in real time.

    Real Time

    Many of the emerging tech trends in 2018 focus on the here and now. Using technology in real time creates excitement and immediate engagement. It also allows for remote attendees to feel included in the event. Live audience polling, virtual question and answer sessions from panels, and streaming videos all give you access to instant feedback. Push notifications are another way to make a quick connection and alert visitors to events occurring at your booth. Tie this technology into social media to keep the discussion going long after the trade show has ended.

    Creating Stories

    More than ever, storytelling has become an integral part of marketing a successful trade show. The people, journey, and even pitfalls that come with building a brand or business, hooks visitors to your booth. Technology has not overlooked this trend. A great example of this are virtual tour apps. These  apps allow you to turn your trade show exhibit into an interactive museum that tells visitors a story. These experiences tend to resonate with people more clearly than outdated transparent sales tactics.

    Technology can bring your company’s story to life, which can help turn prospects into partners. If you need help with technology and your next trade show, fill out the form below and we will help you create your next successful exhibit![gravityform id=”1″ title=”true” description=”true”]


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