Trade Show Contests that Drive Traffic to Your Booth

    Trade Show Contests that Drive Traffic to Your Booth

    In addition to vendor presentations and freebies, contests are another great way to drive traffic to your trade show booth. A little bit of competition or even just gambler’s luck can entice more attendees to come to your booth, as well as create a positive buzz for your brand at the event. You get the best results when you tailor your contests for your audience and brand message, but creativity is key.

    Here are some ways that you can engage trade show visitors via event contests:

    Large Scale Classics

    Not every company service or product lends itself well to specific contests; which is why classic childhood games make for a simple, recognizable form of engagement. Only rather than expecting people to sit around a table and play checkers, opt to build or rent a giant version of a classic. Big games are more suitable for adult play, are eye-catching, and get people talking.

    Some of these ideas include tic-tac-toe with flying discs for markers, giant Jenga, and super-sized dice. Some companies even rent out more complex games for events, such as skee-ball and foosball.


    Scavenger Hunt

    While this one takes more planning, it is an inexpensive and extremely engaging trade show contest.

    Strategically plant several clues around the trade show. Or, if that is not possible, create riddles based on different locations or landmarks within the event center. Teams or individuals can use their phones to snap photos of all of the items on your list. Enter those that accomplish the task into a drawing for a prize (perfect for email follow-ups), or give every successful team a fun freebie.

    Scavenger hunts not only keep attendees coming back to your booth throughout the day, but they also can be tied into social media. Create a hashtag to use during your scavenger hunt for even more visibility.

    Wandering Quiz Masters

    Why wait for attendees to pass your trade show booth when you can be out spreading the word through the crowd? This is an especially useful contest idea for those with bad booth locations.

    Send out a quiz master with a tablet and approach attendees with your challenge. Winners can be given a ticket for a prize that can be redeemed at your booth later on. You can customize your quiz questions to your specific industry. To make it really interesting, have a mix of questions that graduate from easy to very difficult. The top scorers can also be entered into a raffle for the end of the trade show.

    Games of Chance

    Competitive games are entertaining, but the simplest of games based on luck are still enjoyable. As a bonus, they tend to be inexpensive and require minimal time investment, too. Spinning a prize wheel, guessing the amount of jellybeans in a jar, or fishing for prize rubber ducks in a pond are still effective contests. However, try to add a branded spin or else you may find yourself one of several booths running the same game. Instead of rubber ducks, for example, pick a product or symbol that is more associated with your industry.

    If you have a trade show coming up, then don’t forget to read our trade show planning checklist for some great tips on how to make sure your next exhibit is a successful one. And remember to check back often for we are constantly updating our blog with your interests in mind.

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