Trade Show Freebies That Work

    Trade Show Freebies That Work

    The pen, water bottle, and stress ball are three of the most common trade show freebies to come across. Most are discarded, left in a hotel room, or placed as one of many in the back of a junk drawer. However, that doesn’t mean that merchandise doesn’t work. Giveaways still remain an effective way to draw traffic to your trade show booth, but rather than offer the same trinkets as the neighboring booth, try one of these four unique items.

    (*Side Note: Make sure to read this whole blog, because at the very end there is a bonus item that is a surefire way to draw in booth traffic*)

    1. Cell Phone Accessories

    What does nearly every single person carry with them at all times? Cell phones—and they are becoming more commonplace than pocket change. Logo-emblazoned cell phone accessories ensure that your brand name is always close at hand. There are some surprising and useful accessories available that can easily be customized. Slim wallet attachments, portable cell phone stands, car chargers, and detachable straps are just a few that are reasonably priced for bulk buy. But there is one cell phone accessory that trade show attendees love more than all the others: mini micro-usb/lightning charger portable fans!


    These simple, yet cheap, giveaways come in all sorts of colors, compatible with android and iPhones, and can even include your company’s logo labeled on them. This is a popular giveaway because, as many of us know, trade shows can be very hot, temperature wise. And this is a great way for visitors coming to your exhibit to cool down and relax; not to mention most people don’t throw these fans away.

    2. Lip Balm

    Tubes of lip treatment make for another pocketable item that most people use on a regular basis; lip balm remains a highly coveted trade show giveaway. The various flavor options also make this for a fun conversation opener. Some big name lip balm brands offer promotional swag in bulk, and while pricier than generic options, they tend to generate the most trade show buzz.

    3. Mini Hand Sanitizer

    This is a small item that people will likely use while at the trade show. As a bonus, it won’t end up as clutter because it is such a useful little freebie. People love hand sanitizers as they will be shaking a lot of hands during the event. To up the luxury, opt for a hand sanitizer that can be clipped to a belt or keychain and choose fun colors and scents.

    4. T-Shirts

    T-shirt merchandise is divisive. Some people love them and seek them out. Other people find them tacky. The key to choosing a good trade show t-shirt freebie is to buy decent quality material (soft and stretchy!), pick neutral colors, have a few sizes on hand, and choose a unique design. Avoid putting a date on the t-shirt, as that will also put an expiration date on its wear-ability. Investing in a local artist to help with the design or a fun slogan can also increase interest.

    Bonus: Eco-Friendly Bamboo Items

    As we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, we had a secret special bonus item in mind that is drawing attention from many consumers: bamboo!

    Bamboo looks beautiful, and visitors to your trade show booth will appreciate your green efforts. There are many different types of items that fall into this category. For food-related businesses, there are no limits—pizza cutters, cutting boards, spoon rests. If you want to skip the culinary connection, bamboo pens, sunglasses, magnets, and tablet holders all make for attractive and eye-catching trade show freebies. You also won’t need to worry about the item being too cumbersome to carry around as bamboo is lightweight. In fact, consider offering a lovely bamboo tote for visitors to haul around their trade show goodies.

    Trade show giveaways almost always draw attention to your booth. But, making sure the items are useful and consumer friendly will make all the difference in making sure visitors remember your booth.

    Make sure to check our blog frequently for more ways on how to make your next trade show a success!

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