Common Trade Show Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    While it may seem simple to organize a trade show booth that will effectively inspire attendees and competitors alike, it takes far more planning and foresight than simply showing up and providing giveaways and handing out business cards. In order for your booth to be a success, it is important for attendees to walk away […]

    What Type of Trade Show Exhibit is Right for You?

    When deciding to attend a trade show, there may be many questions running through your mind, especially when it comes to the type of exhibit you want showcase. Two questions that many people ask before attending a trade show are: Will you buy or rent your exhibit? And what kind of design would you like? […]

    Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Trade Show Booth

    LinkedIn is currently the fastest growing professional social network in the world, with over 500,000,000 members at the time of the construction of this post. Additionally, new members sign up to use the site at a mind boggling two per second. With those impressive statistics, and the high rates of conversion that LinkedIn advertising gets, it would […]

    How to Organize Green-Friendly Trade Shows

    One of the latest trends that is taking the trade show industry by storm is the adaptation of an eco-friendly mindset by organizers. Business owners who want to strike a balance between putting on an over-the-top event and reducing their carbon footprint have a range of options. Top 5 Worksheet for “Greening” Your Trade Show […]

    What Unforeseen Budgetary Hiccups Can I Plan For?

    After preparing for months to put on the perfect trade show expo, last minute missteps can create unnecessary stress and frustration in an already high-pressure situation. As a rule, any planner knows that something will go wrong at some point during the trade show, there simply is no way to prevent or predict such an […]

    What to Do When You’re Stuck with an Undesirable Booth Location

    If you’ve ever attended a trade show, you likely understand the importance of getting a good booth location. The idea is that highly trafficked areas will bring more eyes to your company. But what if all the “good locations” are gone? It happens. After all, everyone can’t get the great spots, right? As long as […]

    You Can Do a Trade Show on a Shoestring Budget

    If you’ve been wanting to participate in setting up your very own booths at trade show’s, but assumed you couldn’t afford all of the associated expenses, think again. There are a number of ways to shave off thousands of dollars and still have a great experience. Here are a few ways you can attend a […]

    What’s Your Trade Show ROI? How to Measure and Improve Yours

    Chances are that you know the effectiveness of your print or online advertising campaigns. Determining the return on investment (ROI) of ad campaigns is vital when determining success. But are you applying the same standards to your trade show strategy? Trade show marketing works, not many people would dispute that. But gone are the days when […]

    Sales Pitch Advice for Your Next Trade Show

    Is your sales pitch feeling a little stale? Do you feel like your pitch has you going through the motions similar to a bankruptcy attorney reviewing documents with their client or a teacher going over the prepared lesson plan for the day? Instead of falling back on the lines you’ve rehearsed over and over, it […]

    Consistency is the Key to Following Up

    You planned it out ahead of time with your trade show checklist, you had the dream team trade show staff, and you raked in an outstanding number of leads at your last trade show. The calls for orders should be rolling in and your inbox should be full right? Guess again. All that hard work […]

    How to Draw People To Your Booth & Keep Them There

    Creating an eye-catching display for your trade show booth is half the battle when it comes to a successful expo in which an audience is drawn to your brand and interested in exploring it further. The other side of that coin is keeping your visitors engaged once they’ve stopped in for a quick peek. But […]

    Fight Drowsiness & Stay Alert All Day at Trade Shows

    One of the most frustrating and frequent obstacles that every person that has worked a trade show has experienced is the fatigue that comes from a long day of standing, talking and closing deals. With some trade shows beginning early in the day and extending into the night, it’s vital that you stay sharp for […]

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