Fight Drowsiness & Stay Alert All Day at Trade Shows

    Fight Drowsiness & Stay Alert All Day at Trade Shows

    One of the most frustrating and frequent obstacles that every person that has worked a trade show has experienced is the fatigue that comes from a long day of standing, talking and closing deals. With some trade shows beginning early in the day and extending into the night, it’s vital that you stay sharp for the entirety of the show. Drowsiness is almost inevitable after a long day of exhibiting at a trade show, which is why we’d like to share some helpful tips that will help you avoid needing to contact any kind of personal injury attorney or medic, and which will help keep you moving, focused, and in good health, long after your first cup of morning coffee!

    Reliable Team Members

    As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work. By having a reliable and knowledgeable team of people that completely understand the reasons why you are exhibiting and how they can assist customers, a heavy burden of stress can be taken off of your back. Additionally, a trustworthy team can ensure that your booth is always staffed, and breaks can be easily managed.

    Do Your Research

    A simple walk around the venue of your trade show an hour before the doors open can save you significant time and effort during the show. Having a general idea of where everything is located can make your life significantly easier, especially when trying to conserve energy. Don’t waste your time running around the busy show floor looking for a restroom. Do your homework before the show and save yourself the hassle.

    Remember to Refuel

    While this may seem like an obvious thing to keep in mind, a proper diet can keep you alert and at your best all day long. Make sure to eat a healthy breakfast and try to ingest small food items throughout the day. Also, drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Try to avoid sugary energy drinks and eating a large lunch, as these have been known to cause drowsiness later in the day.

    Keep Moving

    While you will likely be on your feet all day, standing behind a booth in one fixed location can cause even the most professional exhibitor to feel tired. Try to use your breaks as a time to keep your body moving by taking a stroll around the event space. While at your booth, avoid the urge to sit and walk around your exhibit and talk to everyone around you. This will keep your energy high until the doors close at the end of the night.

    With this advice, you should be ready for a full day of interacting with customers with little fatigue or drowsiness. For more helpful tips, or to learn more about incredible custom trade show exhibits, give us a call today at (888) 633-4162 to learn more about how Structure Exhibits is the ultimate source for all of your trade show needs!

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