6 Technologies to Know for Experiential Marketing

      It’s inescapable. Technology is as ingrained in our everyday lives as the air we breathe. As such, every company can benefit from experiential marketing. We’ve outlined the top six technologies all major companies are gravitating towards. Perhaps it’s time to usher this new world into your event marketing plan, too. 1. Facial Recognition Technology Facial […]

    Photo Booth Ideas for Events

    Photo booths are a great way to attract attendees and break the ice, so it’s no wonder they are popular at virtually all marketing and networking events. If you place a photo booth at your next event, you can be sure a lot of smiling attendees will stop by and say hello. There’s just something […]

    How to Boost Productivity on the Day of Your Event

    The week of your custom exhibit event is going to be a hectic one, and every minute matters. You need to be on top of your responsibilities so that you see a return on your investment — and considering how expensive trade shows can be, that investment was likely a big one. Running your booth […]

    Trade Show Ideas for Small Businesses

    Small businesses make wonderful exhibitors at trade shows. While it may seem intimidating to advertise your wares and services among larger competitors, you are likely to find that attendees are excited to uncover new faces and products. With some strategic planning, small businesses can flourish at trade shows. Here are a few ideas and tips […]

    Branding and Signage: How to Cut Costs, Not Quality

    When preparing your trade show budget, you’ll need to include some room for branding and signage at your booth. If you’re not careful, these advertising costs can drive up your budget considerably. However, there are several ways you can lower costs and still create eye-catching booth designs. Go Digital If you have the technology, you […]

    Booth Staff: Why It’s Important Each Person Has a Role

    Although trade shows function differently to a regular working day at the office, delegation remains key to a successful event. During busy shows, it may even take an entire team of staff to ensure everything goes to plan. Be realistic—you can’t be everywhere at once. Assigning specific roles to each member of an event staff will […]

    Save Money and Cut Waste at Your Next Trade Show

    After a big trade show, you may find yourself with a big mess to clean up. Advertising materials, display furniture, and hundreds (if not thousands) of giveaway items, add up to a lot of waste. However, a new trend among many trade show booths, and vendor presentations, is some sort of environmental friendly aspect. Here […]

    Trade Show Contests that Drive Traffic to Your Booth

    In addition to vendor presentations and freebies, contests are another great way to drive traffic to your trade show booth. A little bit of competition or even just gambler’s luck can entice more attendees to come to your booth, as well as create a positive buzz for your brand at the event. You get the […]

    Trade Show Swag: Event Giveaways You Should Avoid

    Freebies and giveaways are a major highlight for trade show attendees. Everyone loves something fun and interesting to take home. But, no one wants to tote around another cheap leaky ballpoint pen or flimsy rubber refrigerator magnet that will clutter up their home or office. To get the most value out of your trade show […]

    What to Expect if Attending Your First Trade Show as a Vendor

    Exhibiting at your first trade show can be overwhelming but very rewarding. Although every event unfolds a little differently, there are certain things you can expect and should anticipate. That doesn’t mean you won’t be caught off guard at another trade show in the future, but you’ll be sure to recognize the following familiar situations. […]

    Trade Show Freebies That Work

    The pen, water bottle, and stress ball are three of the most common trade show freebies to come across. Most are discarded, left in a hotel room, or placed as one of many in the back of a junk drawer. However, that doesn’t mean that merchandise doesn’t work. Giveaways still remain an effective way to […]

    Top Event Tech Trends for 2018

    Technology continues to transform the trade show experience, and 2018 has already ushered in several new trends. Whether you’re seeking to draw more people into your booth, or you just want to track feedback from clients, technology offers useful solutions. Expect to see the following tech trends popping up at trades show booths throughout the […]

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