How to Draw People To Your Booth & Keep Them There

    How to Draw People To Your Booth & Keep Them There

    Creating an eye-catching display for your trade show booth is half the battle when it comes to a successful expo in which an audience is drawn to your brand and interested in exploring it further. The other side of that coin is keeping your visitors engaged once they’ve stopped in for a quick peek. But how exactly can you ensure that expo-goers walk away with a sense of understanding about the product and services offered by your company?

    Location, Location, Location

    The most important aspect of a successful expo is finding the best possible location to set up. While there’s hardly a bad selection, there are opportune areas that should be scouted first, such as the entrance and exit, the bathrooms, and the areas closest to the food. With so many different booths vying for the attention of the expo-goers, it is essential to make sure that your booth is in a heavy foot-traffic area in order to help ensure snaring the most visitors. Setting up close to the bathrooms or the food displays is the smartest option, if available, as these conventions can be huge and overwhelming with things to see and sales staff to converse with. These locations guarantee that the majority of the people attending the expo will at some point stop in at the restrooms or grab a refreshment, and in doing so, see your display.

    Catch Their Eye

    It goes without saying that a unique booth will draw more attention from crowds and people looking for something beyond the traditional setup of free literature and banners. The mission is to make your brand known from a glance, whether that be an innovative trade show booth rental from our design team, a gimmick to draw in additional foot-traffic, or simply having engaging and knowledgeable people manning your booth. Half the battle of making sure your trade show is a success is simply being able to garner enough interested visitors that will be left with a lasting impression of your product and company. Word of mouth is the least expensive publicity, and if your booth has attendees talking, there’s a large chance more people will want to see your display for themselves.

    Engage Their Curiosity

    Generally speaking, it would be ideal to give a guest something to remember your brand by. Depending on your trade show budget, it would be beneficial to offer your guests something to take with them. That could be a raffle for one large ticket item, small and pocket-able merchandise like pens and stress balls, or even something entirely out of the box if that style is reflective of your brand. The key is to leave a lasting impression long after they’ve left the trade show so that the next time attendees are searching for a company of a particular skill set, they immediately think of yours.

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