What to Say In Your Follow-Up Correspondence with Prospective Clients

    What to Say In Your Follow-Up Correspondence with Prospective Clients

    After the completion of a successful trade show, it’s time to dip into your new database of leads. Don’t want wait longer than two weeks before reaching out to your new contacts you have accumulated. A brief, friendly and straight to the point email is just the ticket to securing repeat business. Let’s examine what this short note should entail:

    Before the Show

    You’ll want to prepare a generic follow up email template before the show. This will ensure speedy response time, and allows you to only have to tweak certain sections of the email for prospective client.

    In the email template, mention the name of the trade show in the subject line. Take a professional photo of your booth for inclusion in this short, yet thorough, follow-up email.

    Adding a Personal Touch

    If you adhered to your trade show checklist, you’ll remember that one of the most critical things you must do on the day of the show is keep track of your new contacts. Whether you walk around with a notebook or tablet in hand, or jot down a few details on the back of their business cards, make sure you record at least one personal detail about each prospective new client.

    For example, “Just began new startup in Silicone Valley; wants to break into app development; chatted about new home in Malibu.” What’s worse than a generic, “Dear Sir or Madam,” email pitch? Adding a personal touch to a follow up email makes potential consumers more apt at responding and notice that you took interest in their new endeavor.

    Offer a Specific Suggestion

    Business owners always want to know what you can do for them. What can you do to help them build their brand and expand into new markets? After opening your email with a specifically warm greeting, get right down to business. Offer a suggestion for their business. For example, “As you start breaking into the app development market, we have a couple suggestions that will make your transition smooth.”

    Then, perhaps you’ll list three short bullet points. In an email like this, less is more. You only have a couple of seconds – yes, seconds, – to keep your prospective client’s attention and sell them on your products and services. Avoid using generic lines like, “To learn more…” Make sure you’ve outlined specific deliverables in this section.

    Summarize What You Can Do

    At the end of the email is a good spot to reiterate the mission of your company. Mention what you offer that will meet their specific business goals. Feel free to expound a little more on your products and services. Written to drive action, perhaps something else will catch their attention.

    Again, keep this section short and sweet. Close out with well-wishes and a reiteration of your desire to speak again. Then, wait for the calls to start coming in!

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