Tips for Improving Lead Generation at Trade Shows

    Tips for Improving Lead Generation at Trade Shows

    You’ve got a trade show coming up and you’re excited to introduce a new service or product. Unfortunately, you’re still a little nervous about getting the necessary leads at your booth. Fear not, here are a few tips to motivate those attendees to choose to do business with your company.

    Before Your Show

    People will not visit your trade show booth if they don’t know about it. PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE. Every piece of literature, email and conversation should bring up your impending trade show presence. Put it on your website, discuss it at your networking functions and be sure to let your current customers and leads know. More attention to your company typically translates to greater leads at a trade show. If you’re not sure when to promote, use this event planning timeline & checklist to get started.

    Become a Lead Generating Machine

    You can make the most of your upcoming trade show appearance by implementing a few strategies:

    1. Pay for a corner booth closer to the traffic hub
    2. Create a booth that attracts people, excites them enough to want more information and gives them a reason to act now
    3. Keep lead forms short or rent a bar code scanner to simply scan their badge
    4. Stand in front of your booth and offer discounts and giveaways for contact information
    5. Partner with a complimentary company and share your leads

    Qualifying Trade Show Leads

    While discounts and giveaways will bring hordes of folks to your booth, statistically speaking, only about 3 out of 100 leads are actually in the market today for your service or product. It’s important to qualify leads right out of the gate, so you’re not spinning your wheels and wasting your time.

    Begin with a relative question, such as how they’re enjoying the show. Next, ask a few opening questions to evaluate their current need for your particular service or product. Try to learn more about them and their position in the company, along with their trade show objectives. Try to relate your product or service to their needs and ask some questions to investigate the company budget and if this person has the authority to buy. Finally, ask open ended questions about when they’re making a decision and the next step in the process. If they answer these questions to your liking, make notations on their lead form or in a journal so you can easily follow up after the trade show.

    Generating leads is as much about human interaction as it is about products and services. If they like you, they’ll be much more likely to give you personal details and their business. If you need assistance with innovative trade show displays in Las Vegas, contact Structure Exhibits today at (888) 633-4162.


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