Defining Specific Trade Show Goals

    Defining Specific Trade Show Goals

    When exhibiting at a trade show, how do you determine which goals to set for your business? The best method for setting specific goals is to determine the purpose behind your attendance at the trade show. Are you trying to expand the company? Looking to focus on networking and gaining leads? Are you unveiling a new product? Aiming to create credibility as a company or provider? All of these questions can help to nail down the motives of your brand, which will help to set targeted goals that can be achieved at your upcoming trade show.

    Go in with a plan

    By having a set purpose in mind, you can focus on specific actions which will lead to achieving your trade show goals. Once you’ve decide on the purpose of your attendance, conclude if anything has to happen before you can create specific goals, such as redesigning your website or hiring more employees. It is also important to be flexible while exhibiting at the trade show, as your plan may require the alteration of goals if they are not working as expected.

    Specific goals work best

    What makes a good goal? It’s specific, realistic, action-oriented, has a deadline and is measurable. If your goals are vague, expect the same from your results. If you have a goal which seems overwhelming, try breaking it down into bite-sized chunks. This will allow you to move forward in increments, without inducing undue stress. It also gives you the opportunity to celebrate each milestone, which is important because they offer guidance and knowledge moving forward on the road to achieving long-term goals.

    Remember that your goals should create a viable Return On Investment (ROI) and must work within the company’s budget. Fortunately, the benefits of attending a trade show, such as new customer leads, actual sales and viable brand marketing should out-weigh the costs. While dramatic, risk-taking goals are admirable, slow and steady tends to win the race when trying to complete important goals at trade shows. If you are in need of assistance with innovative trade show displays in Las Vegas, contact Structure Exhibits today at (888) 633-4162.


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