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    Product Displays

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    Safety First Exhibit

    Surewerx was in the market for a larger and more expressive presence for their tradeshow booth. Structure was selected for our creativity, cost and collaborative approach to the exhibit design and planning process. From the beginning, they felt comfortable with our team and trusted us to deliver a never-before-seen design that wowed the show floor.

    Under One Roof

    Surewerx is parent to over 21 companies within the safety industry space. While their smaller brands were easily identifiable to customers and partners, the Surewerx brand itself was often not recognized as the parent company. The mission was to convey that Surewerx is the one brand you need for all your safety solutions. All the brands and products that you need under one roof.

    Product Displays

    The product displays were designed to be flexible to changing product lines and how those products will be displayed. They can be used in different booth configurations and sizes. It was important to Surewerx to be able to demonstrate what the products are made for along with the stationary displays. Each display was designed to be double sided, with shelves left and right, and a monitor in the center to run video demos of the different product lines. The corner mannequin displays worked together with the product displays to show what the products are used for.


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