LED Video Wall




    FULL Service Event

    Utilizing an Exhibit house that offers a comprehensive range of services including furniture, lighting, stage equipment, sound, and video production streamlines the exhibit planning process, saving time and effort. Consolidating these services under one provider ensures seamless coordination and integration, resulting in a cohesive and impactful exhibit experience. Additionally, having a one-stop shop can often lead to cost savings through bundled services and discounts, maximizing the return on investment for the exhibit.

    Powerpoint Presentations and Reference Monitors

    Syncing reference monitors with speaker notes in PowerPoint presentations is crucial for ensuring seamless delivery and timing during live presentations. By having speaker notes displayed on a reference monitor, sycn’d with the slide shown to the audience, presenters can maintain eye contact with the audience while referring to their notes, enhancing engagement and credibility. This synchronization minimizes disruptions and helps speakers maintain a confident and professional demeanor, ultimately leading to more effective communication and presentation delivery.

    Direct Print and Custom CNC

    Structure’s direct to substrate printing involves high-resolution printing on a variety of substrates, offering durability, precision, and versatility in applications ranging from industrial labeling to customized product branding.

    Graphic CNC machines utilize computer numerical control technology to precisely cut and engrave graphics onto various materials such as wood, plastic, and metal. These machines offer high levels of accuracy and repeatability, making them ideal for producing intricate and detailed graphics for signage, displays, and promotional materials.


    Attention to detail reflects professionalism and competence. A well-designed booth with polished final touches conveys to attendees that your company is organized, detail-oriented, and serious about its products or services.

    Brand Image: Every aspect of your booth, from signage to promotional materials to booth staff attire, contributes to your brand image. Consistent branding and attention to detail help reinforce your brand identity and make a memorable impression on attendees.


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