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    Superbowl Props on Social

    In 2024 the NFL utilized influencers on social media to promote the Super Bowl to help expand the reach of the event to a wider audience beyond traditional sports fans, tapping into diverse communities and demographics. Structure was asked to build custom showcases to house VIP Super Bowl tickets that would be delivered to the top influencers around the country.

    It’s ALL about the details

    Designing and manufacturing custom enclosures tailored to specific products presents challenges due to the need for precise measurements, materials selection, and production processes to ensure compatibility, functionality, and aesthetics. Additionally, the cost and time involved in research, development, and production can be substantial, making it a complex and resource-intensive endeavor.

    Structure used 3D printers to create custom elements because it enables rapid prototyping, cost-effective production of unique designs, and the ability to iterate quickly based on feedback and requirements.

    Direct Printing

    Structure’s direct to substrate printing involves using specialized printers equipped with inkjet technology to apply ink directly onto metal surfaces, bypassing the need for traditional printing methods such as screen printing or adhesive labels. This process allows for high-resolution printing on a variety of substrates, offering durability, precision, and versatility in applications ranging from industrial labeling to customized product branding.

    Additional Props

    Who better to promote a Las Vegas Super Bowl? Elvis’s enduring popularity and association with Las Vegas epitomize the city’s glamorous and larger-than-life image, symbolizing the fusion of entertainment, extravagance, and showmanship that defines the Las Vegas experience. We completed this selfie activation by adding a custom painted turf that marked visitors photo op platform with the Elvi throughout the city and at Allegiant Stadium.


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