Why Branding Matters at a Trade Show

    Why Branding Matters at a Trade Show

    Visible branding is one of the keys to a successful trade show. Branding is much more than creating a catchy slogan or witty logo. Creating a custom branded booth will help you to attract the right customer base, connect with prospects before and after the event, and help elevate your exhibit among competitors.

    Here are a few reasons why branding at your next trade show is vital:

    Attract the Right Visitors

    A thoughtful branding identity tells visitors your company’s story. As consumers become more savvy, they seek products and services that are aligned with their unique beliefs and interests. They want to connect with the mission of your company.

    You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to relay a message to prospects. People seek out images and ideas that they already associate with certain feelings and experiences. For example, green is the international color that identifies environmentally friendly products, illustrated logos tend to convey edginess, originality and creativity, and candid photographs show a playful nature.

    When people relate to the branding of your booth, you will attract your target demographic.

    Consistently Connect

    Trade show success is not only measured at the end of the exhibition. Leads can trickle in months later, but they might have a hard time remembering your company if your booth was not well-branded.

    Memorable branding not only attracts traffic to your booth, it also ensures that your company’s name remains fresh. By effectively using branding before, during, and following a trade show, you are increasing the chances of making longer term connections.

    As timing can be everything when making a purchase, the prospects you meet one day might become your best customers months or even years later, if they know your name.

    Rise Above Competitors

    Depending on the location of your booth during a trade show, you could find yourself sandwiched between your biggest rivals in the industry. Properly branding your booth at the event can effectively illustrate to consumers why your company shines.

    Your brand should clearly show how you separate yourself from your competitors.

    Visitors can then see firsthand why you are unique in your industry. This is especially crucial in heavily saturated markets. A trade show gives you the venue to fully immerse prospects into your company’s philosophy.

    Build a Reputation

    Longevity is where branding and marketing diverge. Marketing can sell a specific product or service to consumers for a finite amount of time; but branding creates an identity that people trust. Take Apple products, for example. It is almost universally known that when someone sees a logo of a bite-marked apple on a sleek silver computer, they can almost automatically identify that product as being made by the tech conglomerate, Apple. Although Apple products have changed over the years, their branding hasn’t changed that much; which helps maintain a loyal following of consumers.

    Consumer loyalty is based on familiarity and consistency, which is why the most successful companies do not change their brand identity that often over the years.

    People come to recognize and associate specific brands with a reputation. Even at small trade shows, this can still hold true. Utilize your trade show giveaways, promotions, and booth begins to build and solidify the values of your organization with your prospects by using successful branding. And as social media continually plays a larger role in people’s lives, word of mouth advertising and promotions have become increasingly important methods of advertising. Your brand is what people will pass on to others.

    Make sure to check back often for more tips on how to make your next trade show a hit! We are constantly updating our blog with the latest news and industry trends, with your success in mind.


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