Where is the Best Location to Set Up My Booth?

    Where is the Best Location to Set Up My Booth?


    So, you’ve decided to attend a trade show as an exhibitor, and you’re ready to start planning. Assuming you’ve successfully narrowed down which trade show is best for your business needs, you still need to decide where to set up your booth within the venue. The right location can make all the difference, and there’s often steep competition for prime positions. Here’s how you can secure the perfect spot for your display.

    Start planning now

    With many trade shows accepting booth selections a year in advance, it’s critical that you start preparing as soon as possible. Do your research and speak with a management representative of the show where you plan on exhibiting. Try to obtain a copy of previous exhibit floor designs and layouts and ensure that you understand the process used by show organizers to assign booths at the event.

    Every trade show or expo has a unique set of rules that governs how they hand out exhibits to companies. Where one trade show will utilize seniority to determine the layout of an expo, another might use a first come, first serve model for assigning booths. To maximize your chances of scoring a top-notch booth location, contact show organizers early and be aware of how they hand out booth positioning.

    Maximize the visibility of your exhibit

    The more people that see your booth, the better chance you have at growing your network and acquiring new business for your company. Take into consideration all aspects of the upcoming show and aim to position your exhibit in an area that receives a high amount of foot traffic. For example, many brands have seen great success by positioning their trade show displays in front of food courts, bathrooms and other heavily populated areas. Seek out where these amenities will be located and try to get a spot close by to attract show attendees.

    Unfortunately, there can be too much of a good thing when dealing with positioning your exhibit in front of as many people as possible. Be aware of notoriously over-crowded areas such as main entrances, as attendees typically aim to get through heavily populated spaces quickly. It’s extremely important to find a spot that receives ample foot traffic, but offers enough space so congestion doesn’t hinder any business conversations.

    By doing a little research and making a few phone calls, you can ensure that you are positioned for success at your next event. Ready to take the next step? Structure Exhibits can help you create a one-of-a-kind trade show display to help you stand out among the crowd. Call (888) 633-4162 to get started!

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