Why Trade Shows Are Still Relevant In Our Digital Age

    Why Trade Shows Are Still Relevant In Our Digital Age

    When launching a novel product or service, businesses in all sectors can leverage online marketing channels to tell their target audience what’s new. Think blogs, social media, or online press releases, for example.

    This, then, begs the question: are trade shows a thing of the past?

    Let’s examine a few different point of views before coming up with a definitive answer:

    A Forbes contributor, in a recent article, argues that trade shows aren’t generally a must-do activity for businesses in the modern world. The main thought behind that idea is that internet users can access new and updated information about a launch on any company website. Despite this fact, however, trade shows are still extremely relevant in the digital age, and here’s why:

    Image Still Matters In Business

    Trade shows are still seen as the communal gathering for an industry. They’re filled with industry peers, veterans and newcomers, as well as tons of reporters and bloggers, all of whom have their own perception of the trade show happenings, and all with their own online audience. When an enterprise skips a high-profile industry event, rumors can spread that the business is in decline, or that the company may not have anything special to offer in competition with their peers this year. All aspects of your presence matter at these shows, including your personable demeanor, your new product or service offerings, and most definitely, your trade show exhibit design.

    True Human Interaction

    Researchers from Harvard Medical School conducted studies demonstrating the positive effects of face-to-face meetings in business. The scholars concluded that productivity and creativity soar in situations that have true human interaction. Today, we have email, remote meeting platforms, and social media to communicate and talk about what’s on our minds. However, nothing beats connecting the old-school way – tried and true conversation.

    A Level Playing Field

    There’s an old saying; “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” Trade shows are one of the most proven ways for throwing yourself out there, so to speak, and building great connections that aid in jumpstarting business goals. Trade shows are where the youthful beginner startup can speak one-on-one with an experienced enterprise CEO. You get a chance to do your elevator pitch, practice your firm and confident handshake, or talk with, and maybe see eye-to-eye with, an experienced industry veteran.

    The Bottom Line

    Trade shows cost time, money, and energy to plan and execute. But these aren’t unjustifiable expenses in business.

    Trade shows have withstood the test of time because these are podiums that benefit exhibitors and attendees alike. Make the most of this public relations channel by planning your next trade show exhibit with Structure.

     Why Structure Exhibits?

    In a rapidly evolving world, companies must have one foot firmly placed in it’s roots and another foot stepping onto the edge of the future. At Structure Exhibits, we embrace this notion and continue to seamlessly integrate new technologies into our service offerings to help our clients stand out and remain competitive in the communal industry gathering of today’s trade shows.

    We have curated a bevy of tech accessories to help trade show exhibitors connect and share with in-person as well as virtual audiences. To learn more about our products and services, call (888) 633-4162.


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