Trade Show Travel Plan Logistics

    Trade Show Travel Plan Logistics

    While outlining your trade show planning checklist, don’t forget the logistical travel plan for your team! There’s a little more to it than just the air and hotel factors. Take a look below to unlock the hidden “oh yea’s” in your brain before it’s too late.

    Reserve EARLY, Arrive EARLY

    Once you’ve finalized the staff and travel dates for your show; book your airline, hotel and car immediately, but make sure to compare prices before finalizing a decision. This strategy may save your company hundreds of dollars, as well as relieve some unnecessary stress. If the preferred hotel is booked, get on the waiting list, but have a backup plan. Getting an airline miles club card can also save you money. Use the same card for all business travel and watch the points rack up! If you’re wavering on renting a car, consider the new trend of taking a car service such as Lyft or Uber. You only need know the address of your pickup and drop-off location; this is a great option to save some money, instead of getting a rental or taxi. These car services usually arrive in less than five minutes of your quoted time and gives you the advantage of a knowledgeable local to tell you about the nearby amenities and landmarks! Try to arrive at least a half of a day before the show begins to give yourself a chance for a good night’s sleep, and to provide you a time cushion in case you’re delayed.

    To Pack, Or Not To Pack…

    Packing for a trip is always a challenge. Barring the weather and depending on how long your show is, you may be able to get away with two bottoms and two tops. Although you may need the range of casual to semi-formal; taking only what you need in an approved “carry-on” size bag will save you time (and frustration, should your checked bag get lost). Take advantage of the hotel’s laundry service if necessary, but bring the minimum amount of clothing possible. Also, decide ahead of time to leave some space for all those giveaways you simply can’t live without. Remember that you will likely be standing and walking for longer than you may be accustomed to, so consider your footwear carefully.

    Homeward Bound

    To make life easier for yourself, create a plan with your colleagues at the beginning of the last day of the trade show. Decide where to meet to carpool back to the hotel, a restaurant, or the airport once you’re all finished. Be sure to confirm the check-out time of the hotel, as well as any car rental return policies and your return flight status. Taking a few minutes now will save you a lot of headaches later.

    Stock up on cash, asprin, hand-sanitizer and bottled water after you arrive in town, but before getting to the trade show where prices are high and lines are long. And most importantly, drink water and eat protein to sustain you throughout the event. If you are interested in Las Vegas trade show displays, give us a call today at 888-633-4162 to learn how we can help.


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