Trade Show Tips: Solidify Your Campaign Message

    Trade Show Tips: Solidify Your Campaign Message

    As with any worthy goal, time and planning precede accomplishment, and event marketing is no different. After deciding on an appropriate event for your business, you should start thinking about what message you want to send to attendees. As you brainstorm ideas, keep in mind that your company is competing with every other booth for attention, so this is an opportunity to stand out among the crowd.

    Keep Your Campaign Message Simple

    Your product or service may be complex, but the message you send at an exhibit shouldn’t be. Attendees are more likely to stay engaged with your display if you can clearly communicate how it solves a problem. Simply sharing what your company has to offer, how it will make the lives of your attendees easier or save them money, and how it has helped others, just like them, will be much more effective than slinging fancy terms at them. Those who want details will ask, rest assured.

    Think P2P, not B2B

    Yes, technically your company may be selling business to business, but never forget that what you are truly doing is selling person to person. If you have three competitors, only one of you will win the sale and the way you do that is to give the potential customer an experience which makes them favorably remember how you made them feel. In the business world, sometimes relationships between company personnel can make the difference in getting the contract.

    Lead Your Leads

    Ultimately, the goal of event marketing is to generate leads advise a specific and direct call to action; such as speaking with a company representative, filling out a lead form, or directly booking an appointment. This may work with a tie-in for your giveaways or promotions, such as a limited time offer, or a chance to win a prize. If your message is clear, then you should attract the right attendees to your booth, making it easier to obtain quality leads.

    Creating your company campaign message for a trade show is a small part of the trade show planning timeline, but remember to take the time to find the right message to convey. Each trade show your company attends is an opportunity to create future business and, perhaps more importantly, to cultivate new relationships.

    For more information about planning custom exhibits in Las Vegas, contact Structure Exhibits at (888) 633-4162 to speak to a representative today!

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