Trade Show Marketing Tactics That Work

    Trade Show Marketing Tactics That Work

    An often underused tactic in marketing is utilizing the element of surprise to showcase your dedication to the people that you are trying to impress. Going above and beyond customer expectations can take little effort on your part, but it could mean the difference between losing a sale and gaining a lifetime client. When developing a marketing strategy for your upcoming trade show, use the power of surprise to display your dedication to clients and show them that you are willing to put in the extra effort necessary to win their business. Here are some proven ways to surprise customers that could significantly increase your business at an upcoming trade show.

    Exceed Expectations

    The easiest method for surprising prospective clients is to exceed their expectations of your company. For example, a simple gift basket in a customer’s hotel room shows that you truly care about their business. Since this gift is unexpected, the customer will feel special and will be more likely to work with your brand. Additionally, a small gesture such as emailing a detailed map of a meeting location can provide major dividends. Saving clients time and effort is invaluable, which is why this minor gesture could mean all the difference in the world.

    Trade Show Surprises

    One of the most effective ways to utilize surprises in your marketing strategy is to offer prospective clients showtime discounts or guidance. For example, an on the spot surprise, such as offering a discount after they have placed their order or providing a detailed trade show guide right when they arrive at the show, can put you in good graces with them for years to come.

    Showcase Professionalism

    Another great way to shock customers is to put the professionalism of your business on display. Prospective clients aren’t expecting to receive personalized business plans or concierge service from your company, so use these tools to show off the expertise of your brand. You can also use your professionalism to shine a light on various competitors, explaining why prospective clients should choose your company over other brands that are exhibiting at the show.

    These are just a few of the many surprise trade show marketing tools that you can use at an upcoming show or event. For more information on marketing strategies or for trade show booth rentals, give us a call today at (888) 633-4162.


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