Planning Trade Show Sponsorship

    Planning Trade Show Sponsorship

    Trade shows are an excellent venue to gain trade show sponsorship to help increase your trade show budget and to work in conjunction with a compatible business to expand both of your companies’ lead base. Planning trade show sponsorship is extremely important and with the ever changing world, it is important to keep up with the cutting edge techniques to ensure the best return on your investment. Here are a few suggestions for your next sponsored trade show exhibit.

    Attendees Trump Sponsors

    While your company’s trade show sponsor is important, your attendees are more important during the trade show. It is likely that you have access to an enormous amount of information on the people in your future customer market. Use that information to find a trade show sponsor which will attract those people to you, as opposed to forcing a long time (but irrelevant) sponsor down their throat. Customize your message to make it a more relevant and, in turn, a more profitable show.

    Where On Earth…

    “What is, geolocation, for $100 Alex?” That’s right, along with the aforementioned information for those potential future customers; you may be able to utilize their whereabouts during the trade show to your advantage. Since most adults have a smart phone in their possession at all times, you can hone in on their geolocation and message them with your company sponsored, yet relevant, message as they approach specific events. Have your IT guru set that up for you to gently burn your company name, and sponsor’s name, into their brain.

    Make Sense

    Most of us can relate to memories that pop up when we hear a certain song or smell a particular perfume. Use that amazing human talent to create the memory of your company, and sponsor, for your future customers. Investigate ways of using all five senses in your presentation to build a lasting impression.

    Take advantage of the benefits of working with the right trade show sponsor. With careful planning and savvy decisions, your next trade show event can work wonders to build the list of leads, and increase sales, for you and your company sponsor. Be bold, test limits, and never apologize for trying something new and different. If you are in need of a experienced and professional trade show company, give us a call today at 888-633-4162 to see how we can help.


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