Photo Booth Ideas for Events

    Photo Booth Ideas for Events

    Photo booths are a great way to attract attendees and break the ice, so it’s no wonder they are popular at virtually all marketing and networking events.

    If you place a photo booth at your next event, you can be sure a lot of smiling attendees will stop by and say hello. There’s just something about the nostalgia of it all that attracts people.

    Here’s how to make a lasting impact for your brand.

    Open Air Booth

    Sure, you can rent the typical photo booth we’ve all come to know and love. Two or three people slip behind the curtain, make a few selections, and then get silly. Moments later, they have a photo strip in hand that’ll last forever. That’s totally fine and will draw plenty of attraction.

    But, as with every bit of technology, there have been modern day advancements and, in photo booth land, that’s the open air booth. Basically, it’s a dedicated space with an interesting backdrop, props galore, and a world full of fun.

    Create a Unique Backdrop

    Take some time to consider the backdrop. It’s going to be just as important as the people themselves. Don’t go plain white or black. Boring! Rather, consider a fun texture, outline it in twinkle lights, or look into fabric garland backdrops.

    Create something interesting that will pop and draw attention to your custom exhibit. You never know, it might be a conversation starter at their next party and, hopefully, your company will come up in the conversation.

    Camera Options

    You don’t necessarily need to set up a fancy camera to run a successful photo booth. The goal is to get people to interact and engage with your brand. For example, you could rent a photo booth/printer combo that prints photo strips or uploads photos to social media with a branded message. You could even use something as simple as an iPad to both capture lead info and upload photos to social media. Don’t forget to follow up with your leads after the event.

    Creative Props

    The best photo booths come packed with props. This is also a great opportunity to integrate your brand into the event. If your event has a hashtag, you can incorporate that as well to keep the discussion going even after the event ends.

    Do It Your Way

    The thing about photo booths is you can style them your way. You can rent an actual photo booth that prints out photo strips. You can select a staffer to pop out Polaroids all day. Or, you can use an iPhone or iPad to tag your new friends and clients.

    The display, the props, and other ornamental pieces are all up to you. You have full control over how you want to frame the picture, literally, and people are absolutely guaranteed to step in, have some fun, and walk away with a happy memory.

    To learn more about planning your next event, or to create a custom display experience, contact Structure Exhibits at 888.633.4162.


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