Incorporating Video into Your Next Trade Show Exhibit

    Incorporating Video into Your Next Trade Show Exhibit

    It can be hard in the trade show jungle. Whether you’re a new company, or one that’s been around the block, you have to make every custom exhibit a notch above the rest in order to win the favor of potential clients. Attendees are looking to be grabbed as they walk by your exhibit- not literally, of course, but visually. So, how can your company get an edge over the cat in the next booth? One word: Video.

    Why Use Video?

    The concept of video as a means of communicating something to your customer is not new, but it is still one of the best ways to attract the attention of a passerby who is bombarded with a plethora of other visual stimulants at the same time. The best part is, you can actually communicate with those potential customers more effectively with video than with your mouth. The first ten seconds they see of your video helps them to decide if they want more information or not-so it does the work for you!

    How Can I Grab Their Attention?

    This is the best part- there are an unlimited number of ways to create a new video that grabs the attention of trade show attendees! You can use the video to launch a new product, provide real customer testimonials, or give a company background. Whatever you decide to show, make it immersive and custom to engage their interest. And if you can make it interactive, all the better!

    The Key Word In Video-Quality

    You’re convinced of the value of video for your upcoming trade show, but before you grab your cell phone to shoot a video, pause for a moment. The one thing all worthwhile videos have in common is quality. If you are serious about your company’s future, you will invest in a quality produced video. Find a company that can take care of the details for you, from concept to tags, which will maximize views. If you’re feeling enthusiastic, try reaching out to customers before, during, and after the show. Share videos of behind the scenes shots as the show approaches, the big bang of your new product during, and the wrap up and success afterwards. With only a few seconds to create interest at a trade show, it’s in your company’s best interest to get creative, and to showcase an unforgettable booth.


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