How to Hire Trade Show Staff in the Digital Age

    How to Hire Trade Show Staff in the Digital Age

    Your brand could have an amazing booth, a great location, and wonderful products, but you could still leave a trade show with lackluster results. Over the years, the rise of specialized trade show staffing has become more prevalent and important than ever before. Since the tools utilized today to collect data are more intricate and vital to success at trade shows, it is important to find a staff for your booth that fully understands these new concepts in trade show marketing. Here are some tips for finding the ideal staff members for your upcoming trade show and what you should be looking for in a booth employee in the digital age.

    Skills to Look For

    There are a few qualities that you should look for in an applicant before selecting them to work your trade show booth. Staff members should be tech savvy, understanding the importance of smart devices and how they are used to collect data. Gone are the days of handing out business cards, as smart tablets have made swapping information easier than ever before. Look for people that are familiar with both the devices being utilized and the software, as they should be able to troubleshoot any problems with these tools if needed.

    Another key trait to look for in a booth staff member is their ability to listen and adsorb information. People stop by booths with targeted questions, meaning that your staff must be prepared with an answer or a means to find out how to answer questions being asked. Whether that involves extensive training to explain your company or the ability to use search engines on the fly, a good listener will be extremely beneficial in maintaining leads and achieving desired trade show goals/results.

    Ideal Candidates

    While people featuring the following traits may be more expensive to hire, their presence at your booth could produce many benefits. If your company can hire a show speaker or presenter to work your booth, your brand should experience more potential customers and an added level of validity. Additionally, look for staff members that are active on social media and have a large number of industry-specific followers. These social media superstars can promote their appearance prior to the show to bring in a larger audience.

    When it comes to finding the perfect staff for your next trade show appearance, make sure to find applicants that know how to listen, use technology, and whom can bring a stellar reputation to the table. For more information on custom trade show exhibits, give us a call today at (888) 633-4162.

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