How to Boost Productivity on the Day of Your Event

    How to Boost Productivity on the Day of Your Event

    The week of your custom exhibit event is going to be a hectic one, and every minute matters. You need to be on top of your responsibilities so that you see a return on your investment — and considering how expensive trade shows can be, that investment was likely a big one. Running your booth productively is vital to its success. Here are four tips for accomplishing that.

    4 Ways to Boost Productivity at Your Event

    1. Check In Ahead of Time — Repeatedly

    Waiting until the last minute to confirm all the details is a recipe for disaster. Your trade show planning checklist is probably a lengthy one that includes tasks like:

    1. Train the team
    2. Pick up signage
    3. Confirm exhibit rental

    And there are probably a million others.

    In the weeks leading up to the trade show or event, you should be checking in with these people at least once a week to make sure everything is on track. Is the signage nearing completion so that it will be delivered on time? Does your staff have any questions about what they’re responsible for? Do you have plans to safely get your display to the venue on time, and will there be enough people available to help set it up?

    One of the best things you can do to boost productivity during the event is get as much done as you can before the trade show.

    2. Assign Clear Roles and Delegate Accordingly

    One of the biggest productivity killers is failing to clearly assign a role to each person working at your custom exhibit booth. The thought of everyone simply “pitching in” might sound nice, but it quickly turns into a huge mess.

    Instead, every person should have a title and a set list of responsibilities for the days of the event. Maybe you have designated greeters whose job is to attract people into your display. Then there might be a team of people who are responsible for educating visitors on your brand. Finally, you might have a couple staff members who set up appointments and meetings for after the trade show.

    Create processes so that there is a formula for everything and everyone. It will help keep your display booth functioning like a well-oiled machine.

    3. Keep a Daily To-Do List

    This is going to keep you sane when you feel ready to pull your hair out.

    Do not attempt to commit your many responsibilities to memory — it won’t work. Instead, opt for a to-do list. Remember these helpful pointers.

    1. Break big tasks into smaller ones. This makes things easier to tackle and also reminds you that you’re accomplishing things, even when it feels like you aren’t.
    2. Consider when you personally feel most productive. If you get more done earlier in the morning, move the biggest and most challenging tasks to that time of day.
    3. Consider giving certain tasks a time limit to help you stay on schedule. It’s easy to get consumed by things and lose track of time.

    4. Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself

    It’s easy to brush off your own comfort and self-care during exhibit events. After all, it’s just a few days you have to get through, right?

    That may be true, but when you put yourself on the backburner, not only will you not feel all that great, but you’ll also be less productive, too. So, what can you do?

    Take Breaks

    For starters, keeping in mind that science has found that breaks help us stay focused, schedule regular breaks for you and your team. You might include several shorter breaks of 10-15 minutes, and then one bigger break of 45 minutes to an hour for lunch.

    Mind Your Eating Habits

    Secondly, don’t skip meals, and be mindful of your nutrition. You’re going to be busy during your trade show, yes; but skipping lunch can make you feel sluggish and cranky.

    Also, consider packing your own food. While it’s easy to grab something being served at the trade show, these foods typically aren’t very nutritious (and they’re expensive, too!). Research has found that certain types of food can contribute to fatigue — like salty foods, for instance.

    Foods to prioritize might include:

    1. Healthy protein, like chicken or fish.
    2. Fruits and vegetables.
    3. Plenty of water — dehydration can make you tired!

    There’s a lot of work to be done, but you don’t have to manage your event alone. Contact Structure Exhibits at 888.633.4162 to find the custom exhibit solution that works for you!

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