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Owning your own custom display from Structure Exhibits is a great way to ensure that your brand’s presence is consistent, recognizable, and unique. Making the commitment to purchase your own display is usually the most cost effective option if you know that you’ll be going to more than three shows per year. We know that things change, and when you purchase a booth from Structure, you’re also buying into a partnership that doesn’t have an expiration date. By working together to plan expansions, changes, or entirely new elements, our team of exhibit experts are committed to helping our clients stay competitive long after their initial purchase.
• Brand consistency
• More room for customization
• Best for clients who exhibit more than three times per year


If you’re new to the trade show circuit and aren’t sure of what the measurements of your exhibit spaces will be, or if you know you’ll be going to less than three trade shows per year, renting from Structure Exhibits might be your best option. While most other companies offer cookie cutter solutions, we’re proud to offer completely customizable exhibit options whether you choose to buy or rent from us. Each exhibit is built and configured depending on the client’s unique needs, and we will never push or sell a system because it’s what we want to sell we believe in working  together with our clients to create solutions that are right for them.
• Renting allows for a new look and feel every time
• Save on storage costs
• Best for clients who exhibit once or twice per year

The Structure Difference

Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, we look forward to working with you create an exhibit solution that’s perfect for your brand. At Structure, there’s no such thing as “one size fits all”. We build exhibits, but more importantly, we build relationships.


A custom exhibit fabrication solution designed and manufactured by our team of experts at our production facility in Las Vegas will provide the perfect environment for your brand (and brand ambassadors) to make a lasting impression and truly shine at trade shows. Custom exhibits often take less time to set up since most of the pieces are larger.

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Finding the right modular exhibit off the rack and having it fit perfectly is a beautiful thing. However, for those brands that need a little help with the details, Structure has the accessories and the fabrication capabilities to tailor a modular exhibit to custom
specifications. Modular exhibits can either be purchased or rented, and are easily shipped and stored.

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Quick Turn

For brands facing tight deadlines, Quick Turn solutions from Structure can be created in as little as 24 hours. To learn more about our custom or modular quick turn rentals, please call us at 888.633.4162 or fill out our Contact
form to get started on working together to create an effective solution by this time tomorrow.

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Convention Booth Displays

If you’re going to be selling any kind of merchandise, whether it’s your own or someone else’s, at a convention, it’s important you have a professional looking convention booth display. Our custom booth displays are built to your specifications and crafted to not only be sturdy and reliable, but also polished and aesthetically pleasing.

There are dozens of custom exhibit displays at conventions all over the country, but between our usage of professional grade materials and years of experience in constructing these types of booths, we know how to make yours stand out head and shoulders above the rest of the pack.

Custom Trade Show Displays

For those whose companies have to make an appearance at a trade show, a great way to make a splash is by having professional looking trade show booth displays. By having sturdily built trade show exhibit displays you know you can depend on, it will be one less thing for your team to worry about at the trade show.

When you need reliable convention booth displays or custom trade show exhibits, contact the team at Structure Exhibits to learn more about our trade show exhibits today. We are always happy to answer questions from potential clients. Contact us today by phone at 888-633-4162 or at our office at 4548 Calimesa Street.

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