SEE ALL BRANDS deliverables Exhibits Lighting LED Video Wall Standing Out with a Custom Exhibit This client asked us to create an exhibit that would not only showcase their products, machines and capabilities but also set them apart from competitors at the show. Structure created a custom rental exhibit solution. Exhibits Utilizing their 30’x105’ booth […]

    Horn USA

    SEE ALL BRANDS deliverables Exhibits Lighting LED Video Wall An All in One Exhibit Horn USA came to Structure for an elevated and polished design that represented their brand’s attention to precision. Our custom exhibit was an office, product showcase, and VIP suite area all in one. Exhibits Structure designed and built a custom 50’x100’ […]

    The Dead Deads

    SEE ALL BRANDS deliverables In-Studio Video/Film Video Editing Sound Lighting Lights. Camera. Rock On. The Nashville punk band the Dead Deads came to Structure to create an immersive live stream of their “Abduction” show during the pandemic. In-Studio We filmed, produced and edited “Abduction 3” on our in-house stage. We created a full lighting design […]


    SEE ALL BRANDS deliverables Exhibits Interactive Lighting & LED Video Walls Innovative Technology Meets Innovative Experience Ebay developed a new hardware/software system to make shopping in retail stores a high-tech experience that allowed stores to keep marketing to customers after they leave. Structure designed an immersive exhibit to showcase this new technology. Exhibits Structure designed […]


    SEE ALL BRANDS deliverables Exhibits Events Making an Event into an Experience We partnered with Adobe for Adobe Summit, a yearly meeting of industry experts, vendors and software professionals coming together to discuss the future of digital experience. Exhibits For the past 7 years Structure has designed and built all 130 booths for the for […]

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