6 Technologies to Know for Experiential Marketing

    6 Technologies to Know for Experiential Marketing


    It’s inescapable. Technology is as ingrained in our everyday lives as the air we breathe. As such, every company can benefit from experiential marketing. We’ve outlined the top six technologies all major companies are gravitating towards. Perhaps it’s time to usher this new world into your event marketing plan, too.

    1. Facial Recognition Technology

    Facial recognition technology is growing stronger every year. According to Adweek, the market for facial recognition technology is expected to jump from $3.35 billion in 2016 to $7.76 billion in 2022.

    We’ve already seen it with the new iPhone X. People can use their face to unlock their phones. The next industry looking to benefit from this sort of technology is the beauty industry, but the limits are endless and are increasingly being used in custom exhibit booths to provide personalized experiences.

    2. Virtual Reality

    Similar to facial recognition’s “try before you buy” experience, virtual reality can offer the same benefits. For example, the folks over at Merrell (who create hiking boots) have created a 4-D multisensory hiking experience for their customers to enjoy before making a purchase.

    If you’re a fan of HGTV, you’ve likely seen interior designers employ software that allows customers to see what their homes will look like once the overhaul is complete.

    Travel companies can also whisk their customers away, thanks to virtual reality software. Car dealerships can also allow potential customers to “get behind the wheel” with a virtual reality test drive.

    3. Live Streaming

    Of course, there’s no better way to gain access to your consumers than live streaming. You can deliver an effective presentation to your audience from the comfort of everybody’s home or office.

    Once you’ve delivered your talking points and shared a couple of slides, you can open the floor to questions through a chat box down below.

    This is the best way for customers to make their voices feel heard and create a direct connection with a brand they love.

    4. E-mail Marketing Automation

    Even the most diligent and detail-oriented marketing executive would have trouble keeping track of every customer’s personal interests and desires. The joy of e-mail marking automation, however, is that nobody has to.

    With the right software, you can develop a database that sends out personalized e-mails to consumers, targeting their specific interests. A blanket newsletter or general e-mail doesn’t do the trick anymore. Customers’ inboxes are flooded with those.

    Solid e-mail marketing automation software will make your customers feel as though you’re talking to them directly. Most importantly, you’ll be offering them a better product or service.

    5. 3-D Printing

    3-D printing allows brands to create completely custom physical products relatively quickly and easily.

    So, when Coca-Cola was launching their new mini bottles in Israel, a select few were chosen to come in and be scanned for a 3-D “mini-me”. That is, they received a tiny figurine that looked just like them.

    Volkswagon employed a similar strategy when they were launching their updated Polo model. Consumers were invited to create their own model online and some even received a 3-D printout of their creations. In the end, one lucky winner received a brand new car. The point is, 3-D printing can help your brand connect with audience members on a personal level.

    6. Customized Mobile Apps

    If you’re not in on the mobile app space, it’s time to get your feet wet. Nearly every major company has an app that loyal customers make use of.

    But, the technology is advancing in a manner in which customization must be a top priority. Customization allows businesses to tailor their apps to the specific needs of each customer.

    As customers enjoy a tailored experience, you’re also gaining insight into their personal preferences. That allows you to target them more directly in your marketing efforts and offer products and services that will be of interest and value.

    It’s Time to Get Technical

    There’s no denying that brands must embrace technology to get ahead. We’re on our cell phones so much, they might as well be considered another appendage. So, why not target customers the way they prefer to interact – through virtual reality and mobile apps.

    Here at Structure Exhibits, we know multimedia content is standard in every exhibit and display. It’s what consumers expect and we can make that happen for you. We offer an array of in-house capabilities to suit your needs, including LED video walls.

    Feel free to contact us to start building the perfect exhibit for your brand! Call us today at 888-633-4162.


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